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Pakistan Eventing is not just about equestrian; it was a simple idea conceptualised by the commitment of those who supported the concept. Investment and Profit Margins If a person wants to start a Pakistans sports industry in the sports industry, a market survey is a pre- requisite. The sixties saw a shift in music scene as well.

During the years of progress, Sialkot had accommodated the settlement of Mughal artisans as well, as the British soldiers and was esteemed for the products manufactured by hand locally.

Since its inception, it has played a vital role in irrigation, hydroelectric power generation as well as flood control for Pakistan. The dam has an elevation of ft from the sea level while it is ft high from the riverbed.

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AsChinais the most populous country of the world, the economies of scale concept automatically applies to all of the various manufacturing areas.

Hence, the market is highly competitive but Pakistanis accounts for one third of free lancers work force. InPakistan fielded a national team for the first time, participating in the Provincial Tournament in Sri Lanka.

Sports Industry

This has made it difficult for Sialkot exporters to compete with manufacturers in China, India, Nepal and Thailand. Up until then, it was only done by the Pakistan Army. The wholesalers who purchase from China can easily buy a specific product at different prices but with varying qualities.

Previously, the market inSialkotwas believed to be very strong in sports manufacturing producing quality products even for the world cup matches held in various countries.

The existence of child labor in Pakistan's football Stitching industry received international attention in the mid's when activist groups and the media reported that there was extensive use of child labour in the sporting goods Industry.

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Facilities in respect of leather sports goods are available with the Sports Goods Service Centre, which is equipped with modern leather shaving, buffing and cutting machines along with the football specifying machines of the latest design. Golf[ edit ] Pakistan has qualified for the Golf World Cup a total of 4 times, [16] in,and recently in[17] when they finished joint 22nd out of the 28 qualifying teams.

The most notable product of Pakistani sports industry is the hand stitched football. Taimur Hussain has been Pakistan's most successful golfer, as he won the Myanmar Open, becoming the first Pakistani to win on the Asian Tour.

I appreciate your patient lisning Thank you Any question: Irshad Ali with one silver and two bronzes in the Commonwealth Games being one of the most successful at international level.

But since then, it kept on improving its economic condition. This irrigation system consists of three major reservoirs: This was the second blow in recent times to the industry after the failure to counter the influx of films on VCR. The seasoning and fabrication of the woods for quality sports goods was being done mostly by traditional methods; but new facilities for modern method of seasoning and fabrication has been made available through the installation of the most modern wood working machines at the Sports Goods Service Centre, Sialkot.

The ultimate objective was to compete at an international level FEI and qualify for the Olympics. It is expected that this project worth Rs million will enable the Sialkot sports manufacturing industry to adopt modern technology, without which there is no going forward.

Pakistan applied for a membership but the congress postponed it until it had a better structure. Equestrianism had traditionally been limited to the upper-echelon of Pakistani society up until the end of the 20th century.

The struggling days of the industry would have been different, if there had been no Santosh Kumar or Sabiha Khanum. Its economy was nill. It is a high-energy sport that combines the best aspects of sport.

Thus, the election was effectively a plebiscite in which the Indian Muslims were to vote on the creation of Pakistan, a plebiscite won by the Muslim League.

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According to industry sources, local soccer ball manufacturers have been able to grab around 30 to 40 per cent of the total orders floated globally for the upcoming Fifa World Cup.January 3, Sports Industry in Pakistan A Brief Review Sports Industry in Pakistan A Brief Review Definition & History According to the COMPASS project carried out by European Union sports federations inthe definition of sports is: “Sports' are all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organized participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and /5(16).

Pakistan’s sports goods imports Sports goods imports have also increased significantly sincefrom US$ million to US$ million in Dominant imported sports goods are articles and equipment for sports and outdoor games/5(17).

Pakistan is famous for the quality of its sports equipment, especially, the one that is made in Sialkot. The most notable product of Pakistani sports industry is the hand stitched football. Around 60 million such footballs were produced this year alone. Our sports goods Industry is located in Sialkot ; a famous city of province of Punjab which has earned very good name for Pakistan and gives good foreign exchange as sports goods of sialkot.

Sport in Pakistan is a significant part of Pakistan culture. Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan, while field hockey, polo, and squash are also popular. [1] Traditional sports like kabaddi and other well-known games are also played.

Most of the well-known sports companies like, Adidas, Nike, etc. get sports equipment prepared in Pakistan.

Sports Industry of Pakistan

In Pakistan, Sialkot is the sports industrial hub. About 99% of sports goods, exported by Pakistan, are prepared in Sialkot.

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Pakistans sports industry
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